Cancellation & hotel terms and conditions

Travel cancellation insurance

If something unexpected should crop up and you cannot embark on your holiday or have to return early, we recommend you take out travel cancellation insurance when you book with us to prevent any inconvenience for you as a result of this worst-case scenario.

We can arrange this for you on request, all we need for this is the first and surnames of the people travelling.
„Hotelstorno Plus Versicherung“

NEW in Winter 2020/21

Book safely with free cancellation insurance Money back guarantee in case of Covid-19 illness or quarantine.
Winter holidays in Vorarlberg are safe.

This is the goal of the WinterkodexVorarlberg with its variety of measures for unusual circumstances
this winter season. So that all guests can already make the most of the highest level of safety at the time of booking, every overnight
stay in Vorarlberg in the winter season 2020/21 is protected by free cancellation insurance.
If a guest or family member from the same household tests positive for Covid-19, the insurance covers the cancellation costs of overnight stays
and meals in the tourist accommodation. The same applies if quarantine is officially ordered by the authorities. Guaranteed.
This free Covid-19 cancellation insurance is valid for all bookings in tourist accommodation – even for those that have already been made.
Therefore it provides each holiday guest with more safety precautions.And gives them a greater chance to look forward to their holiday.

What does the Covid-19 cancellation insurance cover?

The insurance provides full compensation for cancellations before the start of the trip. It is applicable in the event of Covid-19 illness or the
authorities officially order a quarantine of guests or their family members in the same household. The only requirement is a cancellation
invoice of the accommodation, a positive Covid-19 test or a quarantine order.
The cancellation costs of the tourist accommodation for overnight stays and meals or for the booked lump sum for the period from 1.11.2020
to 31.5.2021 will be reimbursed. Up to 3,000 Euros per person will be reimbursed, i.e. up to 12,000 Euros for a family of four.
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Cancellation costs

Up to 3 months before the arrival date: no costs
3 months to 1 month before the arrival date: 40 % of the booked travel price
1 month to 1 week before the arrival date: 70 % of the booked travel price
In the last week before the arrival date: 90 % of the booked travel price

In the event of late arrival or early departure: 100 % of the booked travel price

The cancellation charge does not apply to any nights that are rented out to other parties.

If half or more of the Rooms/Apartments get cancelled: 100 % of the booked travel price


Hotel terms and conditions

The Austrian Hotel Terms and Conditions apply.